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Make Teeth Alive

BioMTA offers to dental clinics a complete range of consumables,equipment and systems for orthograde and retrograde filling with OrthoMTA and RetroMTA 

Endodontics Filling Material


Total Filling Solution

OrthoMTA is an orthograde root canal filling material that was synthesized by mineral trioxide aggregate's active ingredient through Bio-ceramic manufacturing process. It was formulated to meet the ideal requirements of root canal filling material necessary for a clinically effective root canal treatment on cases of file separation, cracked tooth, severely infected canal, and treatment of acute apical abscess.


Vital Pulp Therapy & Root Repair

RetroMTA is a hydraulic bioceramic material for root repair and vital pulp therapy. RetroMTA consists of fine, hydrophilic particles that set in the presence of water with its compressive strength reaching up to 105 Mpa. It uses Calcium Zirconia complex as radio-opacifier.

MTA Carrying System

OrthoMTA Root Canal Grafting 

One complete solution

For orthograde and retrograde MTA carrying and filling system.

OrthoMTA Carrier is easy to handle, durable and autoclavable

Orthograde grafting procedure with MTA

It is an equipment used to inject dental materials during dental treatment.

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