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OrthoMTA - Canal Obturation

OrthoMTA Carrier 

Features and Benefits

  • For orthograde or retrograde MTA Carrying and filling

  • Easy to handle, durable and autoclavable

  • Luer Lock syringe system

  • Medical grade stainless steel body and NiTi plunger 

  • Uses disposable and bendable needle tip to avoid cross-contamination 

Instruction for Use

Assembling OrthoMTA Carrier

1. Push the pusher to the end then place the plunger on the head of OrthoMTA Carrier and turn to the right (clockwise manner) to lock.

2. Place the disposable needle into the plunger and turn to the right (clockwise manner) with a push to lock

3. Push the pusher a few times to check stability

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